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Hi, I'm Dr.Doug Trotter.  Let my 21 years of experience help you!




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We have just added an additional therapy to

the Comox office! and Thursdays in Parksville!

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy 

for the treatment of painful chronic tendinopathies:

such as plantar fascitis, achilles tendinopathy, heel spurs, knee tendon issues,

tennis elbow, and calcific tendinitis of the shoulder





Head over to for more info!






 Nanoose >>>> Parksville!!!!!




As of Jan 3rd we moved into our new office in Parksville

103 - 198 Island Hwy east, Parksville in with SOS Orthotics! Right beside Cha Cha Java (Weld Street)


Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Book online by clicking on the button at the top of this page......






Health Coaching

give chiropractors 3 months to change your life

Dr. Doug's holistic approach to health will help you experience everyday life on a whole new level. Through proper body alignment and stress reducing exercises and strategies More...


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Case Studies




chiropractic can increase your athletic abilities


He was told by numerous specialists that he would be in a wheelchair within 5 years.....  That was 12 years ago! This Vet that served and fought for our country but couldn't fight this one.... MS! More.....  





"Karen" began seeing me about 18 months ago. Her story is not much different than many of my patients: 50 pounds plus overweight, on Metformin™ for control of her blood sugars, high blood pressure medication, and a whole host of physical complaints. She would be huffing and puffing just trying to get up the stairs in Quality Foods!   More...


Feel better with chiropractors help


She is one of the greatest success stories of my past 22 years.  2003 woke up with a "high pitched grating squeal in left ear" Went to family Dr and had an ultrasound done...normal.  Proceeded to have 3 different ENT specialists look at her with more ultrasounds, xrays, MRI's, CATscans...all normal! Saw a Neurologist, Acupunturist, Physiotherapist, Nerve Specialist! No change! All of this over 2-3 years.... she told me that she had "done it all" and it had obviously taken a huge tole on her!